What We Do

Peninsula Capital Partners is a truly unique and pioneering junior capital provider that has produced an impressive track record for its investors and portfolio company partners since its founding in 1995. Our approach is based on providing flexible and innovative financing solutions that are customized to the situation versus re-shaping deals to fit a preset investment paradigm. In other words, we approach each investment as a “blank slate” and seek to identify the mezzanine capital solution that best fits the unique attributes of the deal. Some features that set Peninsula Capital Partners apart are:

Focus on Non-Sponsored & Independent Sponsor Deals. Unlike most junior capital investors, Peninsula Capital welcomes the opportunity to invest in situations that are not conventionally sponsored, such as management buyouts, recaps and independently-sponsored transactions. We were literally established with this market objective and were among the very first firms in our industry to specialize in such transactions, having closed many such transactions, often times being instrumental in facilitating their structuring and closure. Unlike many private equity firms that automatically reject such deals, only occasionally pursue them, or only recently began pursuing them, Peninsula has been a constant source of capital for such deals for nearly twenty years, possessing the knowledge and expertise that only comes from reviewing thousands of potential deals and closing over one hundred investments.

Multidisciplinary Investment Team. Many private capital investment firms deal only in financial issues, which significantly limits their usefulness to a portfolio company’s management. By comparison, Peninsula Capital Partners has assembled a team of investment professionals with broad experience in the fields of engineering, product development, marketing, strategic consulting, operations management, commercial lending, accounting, third-party due diligence, investment banking, and private capital management.

Independence. As opposed to organizations with corporate or public ownership, Peninsula Capital Partners is owned entirely by its professionals and therefore has a completely independent decision-making process.

Situationally Focused. Our investment approach is centered on finding the best companies and situations in which to participate. We then craft an investment structure that meets all parties’ needs, rather than finding a company and situation to fit the needs of a pre-defined financing product.