Who We Are

Peninsula Capital Partners is a one-stop provider of junior capital with the capability and competence to address any transactional financing need via individual or multiple tranches of subordinated debt, preferred equity or common equity, either as a minority or control investor. We specialize in non-sponsored and independently-sponsored situations, creating customized, unique and flexible junior capital solutions. The structure of each investment is determined through collaborative discussions with management, lenders and equity investors to identify the capital structure that provides the best opportunity for the target company to prosper. For a more thorough explanation of Peninsula Capital’s investment preferences and past investments please refer to the Investment Approach section on this website.

We participate in a wide variety of transactions including independent sponsor deals, recapitalizations, management buyouts, strategic acquisitions, special dividends, stock buybacks, and growth investments. For a more complete description of the sorts of transactions Peninsula Capital commonly participates in, please refer to the Junior Capital FAQ section on this website.