Investment Approach

The Peninsula Funds seek to invest in superior middle-market companies requiring capital for an acquisition, expansion or recapitalization. Successful investment candidates typically have the following characteristics:

  • Minimum EBITDA of $3.0 million, a history of profitable operations and margins that meet or exceed industry averages;
  • A financially motivated and experienced management team with a successful operating record;
  • A sustainable competitive advantage in one or more of the following areas: market share, cost structure, distribution channels, or product/service quality; and
  • A clearly articulated vision for the company, including a realistic strategy and adequate resources to achieve its goals.

The Peninsula Funds employ a generalist investment approach, having invested in a wide range of industries, including among others manufacturing, aerospace, industrial and professional service, distribution, consumer products, retail, information technology, transportation, food processing and packaging companies. The Funds generally avoid investments in real estate, construction, emerging technology, natural resources and highly regulated and/or volatile industries. Financially or otherwise distressed companies are also unsuitable investment candidates for the Funds.

Please follow the Investment Criteria link for more specific information regarding our investment objectives.