Transaction Case Studies

Since its founding in 1995, Peninsula Capital has invested in well over 100 companies via a variety of transactions types. Some of the most common transaction types we have participated in are described elsewhere on the site at Junior Capital FAQs/Non-Sponsored Transactions, which visitors may find an instructive overview of the non-sponsored mezzanine capital marketplace.

Our breadth of experience helps set us apart in the private capital industry, as we have developed investment knowhow in a broad range of industries, situations and transaction types. To better convey our investment capabilities, we have selected five sample investments as case studies from our portfolios, representing four distinct transaction types, including: Independent Sponsor Buyout, Management Buyout, Recapitalization & Growth Capital, and Strategic Acquisition.

Please follow the links below to learn how Peninsula Capital was able to provide a customized junior capital solution for the respective situation, and how our transaction partners viewed our performance both prior to and after the investment was made.