Peninsula: Communication

Drawing inspiration from the ingenuity of early mariners, the founders of Peninsula Capital Partners chose a nautical flag as the firm’s identity. Just as flags are used to bring order to the often-chaotic environment of the ocean, our goal is to communicate and navigate clearly in frenetic, financial markets. We believe just as a fleet requires skilled sailors to communicate and react to each other seamlessly, the business world requires financial partners who understand a company’s business and communicate with clarity. Hence, Peninsula Capital Partners is founded on the premise that clear communication serves as the cornerstone of any productive business relationship.

Unless practiced on a consistent basis, a belief in clear communication is only a noble ideal. So, since our founding in 1995, Peninsula Capital Partners has sought to reflect this belief through:

Promptness. It is the policy of Peninsula Capital Partners to return every telephone call on the same day and to provide initial feedback on investment inquiries within 24-48 hours.

Interpretation. We explain the basis for our position on a proposed investment, thereby allowing for a productive discussion about its strengths and weaknesses.

Receptiveness. Effective communication requires effective listening. We pride ourselves on being open to alternative viewpoints.

Cooperation. Whether we are acting as a transaction participant or as a board level investor, we seek to engage in productive dialogue to identify optimal solutions that have maximum acceptance.

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