Peninsula: Competence

Peninsula Capital Partners chose for its trademark the ICS letterflag (P) for its meaning: “Ready to Sail.” We believe the essence of this message applies ideally to transactional finance where a mezzanine capital provider must be willing to “go to sea” for an extended period of time with a portfolio company. We understand when we make an investment that we are likely to be involved with the company for several years and that we will be called upon during good times and bad to assist management as they seek to grow their company.

We understand that superior companies have a choice of mezzanine capital providers, making professional competence often the deciding factor in selecting a financial partner. Peninsula Capital Partners above all is a competent partner whose core proficiencies include:

Execution. Having the financial resources alone is insufficient to close a transaction. Experience, knowledge and determination are equally important assets, qualities for which Peninsula Capital Partners is well known.

Creativity. By their very nature, middle-market transactions require ingenuity and resourcefulness to complete. A mezzanine capital provider should provide this creativity, not be looking to the company for solutions.

Multi-Tranche. Peninsula Capital Partners understands that a capital structure must be tailored to the unique needs and objectives of the company and other transaction participants, often requiring a customized, multi-tiered mezzanine capital solution, including layers of subordinated debt, preferred equity, and common equity. We have extensive experience in optimizing and executing multi-tranche mezzanine capital investments.

Non & Independently Sponsored. Transactions that are not sponsored by a third party — such as management buyouts — or are sponsored by independent investor groups, have always been our primary focus. We have extensive experience with, and are experts in, analyzing, structuring and closing these sort of transactions.

Professionals. Peninsula Capital’s professional team comes from diverse backgrounds, including operations management, engineering, forensic accounting, business development, strategic consulting, investment banking, commercial lending and private equity investing. Accordingly, we are able to conduct the vast majority of our investment due diligence in-house and commonly do so, thereby avoiding the often substantial hidden costs and time requirements other firms require to close an investment.

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