Peninsula: Cooperation

The ability to work together, as a team, is paramount for building business relationships in today’s hyper-competitive economy. Just as each member of a fleet had to watch, interpret and comprehend the latest message hoisted up the flagship’s mizzen post, capital providers must be aware of the messages a company is sending and react accordingly. We at Peninsula Capital Partners believe such cooperation is the essence of partnering and have dedicated ourselves to being value-added partners in every investment we make.

We believe that effective partnering requires unswerving adherence to fundamental business principles, including:

Flexibility. An uncertain world requires a mezzanine partner that can understand and adapt to changing market conditions and competitive realities.

Assistance. Although preferring to be primarily a passive investor, Peninsula Capital has a multidisciplinary professional team that can provide strategic and tactical support to management when called upon.

Networking. Through its relationships with thousands of investment professionals and industry executives, Peninsula Capital can facilitate introductions as requested by management.

Capital Support. Peninsula Capital is receptive to providing subsequent rounds of financing as warranted by performance and market conditions.

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