Our Commitment to Investing Responsibly

Peninsula Capital Partners was founded in 1995 in downtown Detroit, and remained headquartered there until 2022. As a result, we have a deep connection with Detroit and are committed to supporting its ongoing renaissance. Accordingly, we have partnered with a truly great Detroit-based and focused organization, Detroit Dog Rescue, to give back to the city to which we owe so much.

Detroit Dog Rescue, or as it is more commonly known, DDR, was founded in 2011 and was a pioneer in the “no kill” animal shelter movement. Since then, DDR has become a leading organization in this truly admirable and desperately needed effort. DDR focuses on raising awareness of the stray dog problem in Detroit and relentlessly advocates for humane alternatives to deal with the problem, including providing sheltering, rehabilitation services, foster care, adoptions and spaying and neutering. DDR’s efforts have resulting in hundreds of otherwise doomed and helpless animals being taken off the streets, nursed back to health and placed in permanent homes.

In 2023, DDR opened a new 11,000 square foot location, the result of a generous gift from an animal hospital and a successful, multi-year, fund-raising effort. The new facility quadruples the capacity of DDR to provide sheltering and medical care to stray dogs. Simply put, it is a game-changer for the organization as it pursues its critical mission to rescue stray dogs from a life on the streets.

Peninsula Capital Partners believes passionately in DDR’s mission and wanted to support its committed staff. As a result, Peninsula Capital has made a substantial financial contribution to DDR to sponsor one of the new facility’s examination rooms. These exam rooms are used by visiting veterinarians to perform health assessments and medical procedures. The ability of DDR to provide these vital services in a clean and modern setting greatly enhances the likelihood indigent dogs can recover their heath and become more attractive candidates for adoption.

To learn more about Detroit Dog Rescue, please visit their website at detroitdogrescue.com, or visit any of their social media sites at Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. Also, please consider making a donation to this most worthy organization, as every dollar helps DDR pursue its goal of getting all stray dogs off the streets and in permanent homes.